3 Years Of Modi Government LIVE: PM Launches Projects In Assam; Have Met People's Aspirations, Says Amit Shah

3 Years Of Modi Government LIVE: PM Launches Projects In Assam; Have Met People’s Aspirations, Says Amit Shah

3 Years Of Modi Government LIVE: PM Launches Projects In Assam; Have Met People’s Aspirations, Says Amit Shah

NEW DELHI: The Narendra Modi government has completed 3 years of age. Marking the third anniversary, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has launched a number of infrastructure projects in Assam today, one of them being the longest bridge in India – The Bhupen Hazarika bridge also known as the name bridge Dhola-Sadiya. In 2014, Narendra Modi led the Bharatiya Janata Party, or BJP, to a landslide victory in the general elections – known as the Lok Sabha elections, after which he was sworn in as prime minister on May 26 of this year. The celebrations on the occasion of the third anniversary of the government will draw a lot of things brand Prime Minister Narendra Modi and will last 20 days. PM Modi personally advantage of five programs, the first of which will be held in Guwahati in Assam. To take advantage of this moment, the prime minister wrote a letter to the common man. 2 of which were printed and sent from May 20 copies to ensure that they are delivered before May 26th. The beneficiaries are the beneficiaries of various welfare programs. In addition to the letters, messages of 10 million rupees of text will also be sent to people across the country. 900 sites were selected nationwide for functions; Each will go to ministers and parliamentarians.

BJP President Amit Shah speaks to the media during Modi’s 3-year rule in power. The highlight of his speech:

In the last three years, the confidence of the people rose.

PM Modi has managed to change the scale of thought in the country. Even the politics of the country has changed. Nepotism, castes, and appeasement had been torn away.

That is why our motto for celebrating this time is: Saath Hai, Hai Hai vishwas ho raha Vikas.

The Prime Minister of Modi had initially said that this government would be the poor and oppressed farmers and Dalits …. This government has worked tirelessly to ensure that this was achieved.

After years of corruption in previous governments, we finally have a government that even the opposition can not accuse of corruption.

For years, our armed forces have applied for a One Rank or OOP pension, but their requests have fallen on deaf years. The Modi government has assured that it will carry out the RFMO.

Previously, Indian scientists were satisfied with the launch of 3-4 satellites. Today, they create a world record with the launch of 104 satellites. All the credit to our scientists for this. The Modi government will always support scientists to the best of our ability.

As for defense and national security, the Modi government has always placed priority on priorities. India now presents itself as a country with strong political will.

The enemy-owned bill was soon a victim of the polling stations and appeasement. The Modi government has done a great service by promulgating.

The GST (goods and services) or a nation’s tax one was a dream for traders and entrepreneurs. The Modi government, with the support of all the other parties, ensured that the fundamental bill was passed in Parliament. This is one of the most important reforms, which made India a unified market.

1100 laws that are not relevant have been repealed, which simplifies public order.

India undergoes a digital transformation, as well as how the Indians manage their money. Every day, more and more Indians are moving to digital transactions. The Modi government launched the BHIM application, which is now the most popular digital transaction application in the world. He remembers Babasaheb Ambedkar.

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