How to Clear the GATE Exam with More effort than JEE

“With discipline, dedication and diligence, you will achieve the goal. ”

Here is a list of steps fane strategy that will help you prepare your GATE:

Step 1: Know the GATE Exam

The GATE exam is a review of a single paper online three hours, with 65 questions with a total of 100 points.
The question paper will consist of multiple-choice questions and numeric questions as the answer.
Step 2: Know the program and the weight of each topic

Since there are many topics included in the program, it is important that you should look at the program.

Match your skills with the GATE program and plan their preparation with known problems.
Knowledge for each weightage element from the documents last year and aim to bring more marks of preparation to the GATE exam.
Step 3: Choose the right books and equipment for the preparation of the door

The right choices of study materials and books are very important in the early stages of preparing GATE.

Reading one or two books is sufficient for each subject. Always give priority to reading the book rather than other resources.
You can prepare online video conferences, course materials, training notes, etc.
You can also prepare the books that continued during the undergraduate course.
Step 4: Tips for remembering and following during preparation

Understand the typical questions in the previous year

Practical questions last year during the preparation
Try to understand the concepts, practice tests and check regularly.
Most questions are conceptual and digital GATE, so you should try to improve their ability to resolution management and time to get a good range.

Step 4: Plan Your Preparation GATE

Preparation plan 4 to 8 months will be a good idea to break the GATE exam.
Creating the daily or weekly wise preparation plan wise, giving enough time for each topic.
Your plan should include the completion of testing programs, exam and practice.
It is a good idea to make a time table and do your daily tasks. Once you have set daily, weekly and monthly goals, will see better results for the same amount of effort.

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