‘Thank you, dear Donald’: Why Macron invited Trump to France

If the potential of a productive relationship between President Trump and French President Emmanuel Macron initially seemed to be a limited opportunity, visit Bastille Day in France Tourbillon Trump suggested that both could be in the form of establishing a class association that The US president currently shares with very few world leaders, especially in Western Europe.

Despite Trump’s unpopular unpopularity in France – not to mention outrage over Macron’s decision to invite his American counterpart to the country’s national holiday, the new French president seemed to make a bold move.

With the United States increasingly isolated on the world stage, Macron has sought to position himself as the main interlocutor Trump in an area that has shown little White House, which he despises.

At least for now, this paper is Macron’s for the taking – and he can succeed in getting it. At a rare Thursday press conference – in which the two presidents took two questions – Trump did not hide his joy at the invitation of Macron.

“France is the first and oldest ally in the United States. Many people do not know,” he said. “A long time ago, but we are together, and I think together, maybe more than ever.

Despite the “special relationship” between the historic United States and Britain, Trump has shown little interest for British companies since its inauguration, further delaying a traditional visit to the country until 2018.

And while German Chancellor Angela Merkel has recently tried to repair Trump at the Group of 20 summit in Hamburg, she did little to hide her displeasure.

Enter Macron, an open supporter of globalization and the “increasingly close” EU which at first appeared to be an anti-Trump is on the world stage – and even a temporary antagonist United States president.

After Trump essentially supports rival Macron, right-wing Marine Le Pen during this year’s French presidential election, Macron, while Trump in strong arms, in a six-second handshake when two men first met In Brussels in May.

Next week, Trump withdrew from the climate deal in Paris, carefully indicating that he was “elected to represent the citizens of Pittsburgh to Paris.” Macron responded – in English – in a speech in which he called the population around the world to “make our planet great again,” a clear work on the motto of Trump’s campaign.

The visit to Paris, however, seemed to establish the puzzles of a working relationship between these two seemingly incompatible figures.

While Trump is known to change his mind suddenly, his initial reaction to the Paris visit was clearly positive.

At the end of the Bastille Day parade, as he was about to leave for the airport, Trump emphatically shook Macron’s hand, patting his joined hands as the Macron woman Brigitte shook.

“Great talks with President Emmanuel Macron and his representatives in trade, military and security,” Trump said.

In France, the jury of Macron specific motives invite – and embrace – Trump for an impromptu visit this week.

For some, including Macron’s inner circle, the main motivation was a version of the old saying: Keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer.

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